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Why trade on Drixx?

Drixx High Yield Returns
HIGH yield returns
Get passive income and delegate the risk management to us. APY gets more than 10% and could go up to 300% compounding.
Drixx trading fees
Favorable fees
0.02% maker fee which is more accessible for smaller volume market makers
Drixx user interface (UI)
Professional UI
Possibility to customize tables, widgets and cards layouts, organize trading space according to your personal needs.
Drixx promotions
Welcome bonus, multi-tier referral program and internal competitions. Have fun seeing your ranking among others, get paid for referred users and even more from active referrals.
Drixx custody security
Strong custody security
Safest crypto custody on the market. Withdrawals are done manually and constantly via multi sig 100% cold wallets.
Drixx trading platform
High frequency trading
We never reject orders and can handle high load.

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