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Drixx Affiliate Program

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Invite your friends to register Drixx and easily get 30% rebates of their fees
Cashback lasts for 24 months
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Rebates are settled each day, easy to get

Program rules

Drixx Earn works with a full range of CeFi & DeFi projects to find the best return for the lowest risk, using top yield aggregation platforms.
  1. Once you sign up on Drixx, a unique referral link will be automatically generated for you. You can use this link to invite friends and acquaintances

  2. When a new user accepts the invitation and signs up with your referral code, you will receive 10% to 30%* from the profit we generate off that user's share and they will get an additional 1% on top of their earnings.

Note: the additional 1% can be a significant amount, which is granted to the invitees only if they sign up using your referral link/code - in other words, your friends have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if they use your link.

  1. Starting from the next day, the ongoing rewards will be credited proportionally to your and their accounts, daily - in the form of USDT / USDC.

To be eligible for rewards higher than 10% up to a maximum of 30%, some requirements apply.

Default earning plan brings every Drixx Yield user around 0.05% average daily returns (18%/365) on the amount stored in the lending account. On top of that, as a referrer, you will also get at least 10% from your referrals' daily earnings, which will be additionally deposited to your account.


  1. If you invested 100 USDT, you will receive 0.05 USDT (18/365) - daily.
  2. If your 10 referrals also invested 100 USDT, then you will also receive 0.05 USDT * 0.1 * 10 = 0.005 * 10 = 0.05 USDT from the referral yield.
  3. Your daily total from your own deposit + 10 referrals' deposits = 0.1 USDT.

Note: The above is a very humble example designed to make the workings of the system clear. However, keep in mind that your potential yield is virtually unlimited, since:

  • their is no limit on the number of referrals you can invite
  • there is no limit on how much they can deposit into their accounts
  • the earnings can be automatically compounded to make the compound effect kick in and allow high yields over time

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